You are a miracle. You are infinitely powerful. You matter.

You are wise beyond words and you know what’s right for you.
A life of divine expansion, love, service and joy are yours when you listen to your inner wisdom and go home to who you truly are…
When you learn to connect with yourself so you can follow your own path freely…

When you choose to trust the miracle of your unique existence rather than follow a storyline set by someone else.

Deep down, you know you have infinite possibilities and unlimited potential within you.
You know there is a Higher Power and there are Laws of the Universe that are always there to help, support and guide you.
But something stops you from stepping into your true essence, power and truth….
It’s an uneasy feeling you have inside. Maybe you believe you’re not good enough. Not worthy enough.
Maybe you compare yourself to others and when you do, you feel overwhelmed by fear, self-doubt and lack of belief in your own abilities.

I am here to guide and help you fully appreciate and accept the body form that you are in and the unique journey you are on so you can connect to the divine and open up to the miracles that will powerfully unfold when you do.

You’ll stop giving away control of your own life and your destiny to others.
You’ll stop focusing on everyone else and start seeing yourself as the beautiful, unique soul that you truly are
You’ll discover how to be present within yourself, and you will develop deep self-love, awareness and trust.

The truth is we are all miracles. The more we embrace ourselves, deeply and truly love ourselves, the more miracles shows up in our lives.

This is one belief I hold close to my heart. It is embedded deep within my soul. Everything I do is aligned with this belief…

The truth is we are all miracles. The more we embrace ourselves, deeply and truly love ourselves, the more miracles shows up in our lives.

But I wasn’t always this way.
I learned through difficult and painful life experiences that embracing the truth of who you are and loving yourself for it, are the only things that propel you forward and set you on your own unique journey.
Growing up, I was what you might call an “extreme introvert.”
I was very shy and could barely speak to anyone except people who were in my inner circle like my family and close friends.
I was born in Bombay, India.
I moved to Canada in my late teen years and it was a huge culture shock. The experience shook me to my core.
I remember, my sister and I cried for days.
We begged our parents to head back to India. Back to the comfort of the familiar faces and places that we loved so much.
My parents did everything possible to calm us and make the transition easier but we could not be consoled…

Fast forward to now…

I absolutely love Canada and I’m so very grateful that my parents did not waver in their decision to stay in this beautiful country but for a long time, I felt alone, lost and afraid, despite stellar success at my high school.

When I first started University, I found I had few friends.
People were friendly but they were so different. I had nothing in common with anyone.
I had always turned to my books and academia when I felt unsure or troubled but focusing on my studies didn’t help me here.
There were brilliant students all around me.
You see, I was a superstar in high school and secured 92% in the last year of high school which got me into one of the top rated Engineering programs in the world, at a prestigious university.
I was confident that I could handle anything when it came to my studies but little did I know how much things were going to change.
My course workload was incredibly high and my classes were intense.
My new life in a new country added to the stress and it all took a toll on me.
It didn’t take long before I went from an academic superstar to failing a course in my first year.
This was a shock for me. I had never failed in my studies before.
I felt smaller and more insignificant than ever before and I began to feel inferior;
I didn’t know who to ask for help. I created a cobweb of negative thoughts and doubts in myself that stayed with me for years.

My self created doubts and fears kept me playing small…
If only I had known then what I know now, things would have been so different.
I would have been more aware of my true self and how much I could accomplish.
I would not have been so focused on the others and what they said or thought about me.
I would not have blamed myself or others for every little setback that came my way.
I have no idea what would have happened or how my life would have turned out if I had continued down that road but as it so often does, fate intervened.
Something happened in the final phase of my time at University and it changed everything.
It was a series of events for entrepreneurs and I had a chance to be part of the organizing committee.
These were networking events that would involve a great deal of communication and connection with people I didn’t know.
It was exactly the kind of thing that normally had me heading for the hills!
But something inside me lit up.
I felt compelled to help in some way. I wanted my life to have purpose and meaning. I wanted to be of service to others.
I was deeply drawn to learning more about those smart, talented, ambitious young entrepreneurs.
So I found myself saying yes despite my fear and my anxiety. Deep inside, I knew that I no longer want to play small.
I did what I could to learn from self-study trainings and reading books on communication, networking and presentation…
But nothing could have prepared me for what I felt in those early days.
I was frozen with fear.
I was afraid that I would embarrass myself and disappoint the people who were counting on me.
I was intimidated and overwhelmed. And yes, I failed many, many times.
But despite this, something inside me came alive. I felt happy.
I wanted to do more of this kind of work. Work that brought me closer to people. Work that allowed me to help.
Around the same time I was introduced to the movie The Secret and the concept of the Law of Attraction.
I researched all the teachers featured in the movie and absolutely fell in love with John Assaraf’s teachings.
I couldn’t get enough. I learned and applied everything in my daily life…
And amazing changes started happening in my life.

Networking became second nature and so much fun.
I was easily able to connect with top industry leaders, communicate with them and create strong relationships that have lasted to this day.
I manifested beautiful relationships and connections, amazing mentors, a powerful support system, incredible job opportunities, gorgeous homes and a dream Luxury car.
My husband came into my life.
He became my light. He showed me that I was someone who could achieve anything.
He truly believes in me and my dreams and is my strength and pillar.
When our son arrived in June of 2015, my happiness was complete and I truly understood the miraculous power of the Universe.
The incredible experience of becoming a mom helped me realize how much of a miracle I am…
How much of a miracle we all are
I had finally discovered my power and my true potential and I was out of my introvert shell for good.
The divine powers of the Universe showed me that anything is possible. I could achieve whatever I set my heart on and I could become whoever I wanted to be.
Most importantly, it made me realize that life is meant to be F-U-N!
It became clear that anything I need or want can be “ordered” and received effortlessly…
But as I co-created with the Universe, I began to see that there is an important wisdom that many books and movies on the Law of Attraction failed to highlight…
That missing piece? Mindset
More specifically, a Miracle Mindset that ignites powerful manifestations.

When you unite the Law of Attraction work with a Miracle Mindset, you enter manifestation heaven.

The inner work of self-believe, self-care and discovering core values is an essential piece of consistent, successful manifestation.
I have experienced it first hand as well as with my clients and I know it works with precision.
There’s nothing I love more than the look on a client’s face when the realization dawns that they can get what they set out to achieve with ease and grace.
I love to see them light up with the joy and relief that I felt when I first learned to make that special connection to the divine powers of the Universe.
This is why I became a Miracle Mindset and Manifestation coach.
I also began my journey doing the sacred work with the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Records hold every thought, emotion and experience you’ve ever had, on an astral plane.
Working with the Akashic Record keepers to heal and create is one of the most beautiful and divine experiences.
I’ve dedicated my life to helping heart-centered, loving, generous men and women manifest successfully, from a place of power and peace.
All it takes is doing the mindset work that will help you believe deeply in yourself, allow you to ask for help when you need it, and then take aligned, inspired actions…

The Law of Attraction along with Akashic Records has helped me see that my superpower is to help you uncover YOUR superpower…
And then use your unique gifts to create extraordinary forward momentum with aligned, inspired action.
There is nothing more satisfying and beautiful than being able to manifest your dream life with ease, joy and clarity…
And from a place of inner truth.
As my beloved Guru Sri Sri so beautifully has said…

“The best form of service is to uplift someone’s state of mind”

I carry that in my heart. I live that truth.
And I’m here to serve you.
I’ll be by your side.
I’ll walk with you as you speed toward your goals..
As you realize your dreams…
As you become who you were meant to be.

Never, ever forget…

You matter. You are infinitely powerful.
You are a miracle.

When you unite the Law of Attraction work with a Miracle Mindset, you enter manifestation heaven…

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