Discover 3 Key Steps for bringing More Abundance into your life

        You Inspire Miracles

        Just by loving yourself

        Honoring yourself

        And by being in Joy and Celebration

– Neha

You have a vision and you have heart.
You’re a big dreamer and you aren’t afraid of the hard work.
Deep down, you’ve always known you have something special to offer.
Something unique. Something only you are meant to bring into this world
And right now, you’ve come to a crossroads…
A point where you’re ready to live a bigger, more beautiful and abundant life.
You’re ready to serve others with your gifts and your skills…
You want to learn how to flourish and thrive…
To live with ease, serenity, deep contentment and happiness…

If you want to learn how to breathe life into your biggest, boldest dreams…

Then my friend, you are in the right place and this is the right time.

I’m Neha Nayak
Your Miracle Mindset and Manifestation Coach and Akashic Records Business Consultant

I am here to hold your hand as you transform your deepest desires and dreams into reality.
I’ll be right with you as you transition from where you are to where you want to be.
I’ll show you that you can connect to the divine powers of the Universe with aligned, authentic, inspired action so you can become your best and give your best to the world.
I’ll show you how to embrace your true essence so you can move forward with ease and clarity.
I’ll show you how to connect everything you do to your highest purpose and biggest goals so you can make more money, have more impact and live a more fulfilled life from a place of love and joy.
You’ll learn to turn possibility into powerful, impactful opportunities.
You’ll go from procrastination into action.
You’ll transform fear into courage.
And I’ll be right there with you…
Holding a warm, sacred and loving space…

So you can see and experience the miracle that you are and the miracles that you’re capable of attracting into your life

The world needs dreamers and action-takers like you.
The world needs you to be who you truly are.
It’s time to let your inner sparkle shine through.
It’s time to live your dreams.
It’s time to be yourself.
Love yourself.
Believe in yourself.
It’s time to celebrate you…
It’s your time …

And your time is NOW!


"Neha created a safe and sacred space for me"

Recently, Neha completed an Akashic Record reading for me. This was my first experience with this type of reading. Neha created a safe and sacred space for me by clearly communicating and asking permission. The reading was so helpful and healing. It explained what was affecting the present and how I could heal it. It also reaffirmed messages that I had previously received as being extremely important. This was confidence building. The reading reduced doubt and assisted with knowing what my next steps are. Most of all, this reading assisted me with the freedom and permission to be my authentic self in this world. There is peace in knowing that my soul’s work will get completed by complying with my contract of being me in this world. This session had great value for me and I will see Neha again.

- Kelly Vass Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher and Life Coach and Author



"Neha is so sweet, kind, generous and the REAL DEAL!"

I had the opportunity of receiving an Akashic Records reading with Neha Nayak and it was AMAZING! I received tons of guidance to help support me in my business. That part was enough to wow me, but Neha went beyond even that to make the experience one of the most deeply healing experiences I have ever had. Seriously. She was able to draw out deeply intimate experiences that were in severe need of healing. In one phone call, Neha was able to assist me in releasing, clearing, and letting go of painful emotions & heavy energy I had been carrying around. What's even better is that our call was weeks ago, however I'm still feeling light as a feather. The change in my energy and spirit has been profound. Neha is so sweet, kind, generous and the REAL DEAL. Do yourself a favor, and hop on a call with her if you have the opportunity.

- Jemese LaChel Therapist and Life Coach




"Thank you Neha for opening the floodgates in my business."

Working with Neha to discover how to best align my services and gifts to my Soul opened up doors for massive receiving! Not only was her guidance practical, it provided peace, reassurance and confidence in the trajectory of my business. Being new to the online business world can be daunting and overwhelming. Neha helped me feel at ease, comforted and even gave a little though love push where I needed it. Thank you Neha for opening the floodgates in my business.

- Jan Tanaka Speaker, Trainer & Coach


Take the Soul Capsule and be free from the fear of finding your Ideal Clients

Take the Soul Capsule and be free from knowing what you need to offer to your Ideal Clients

This is an intensive 6 or 3 month mentorship program for more deeper work with me through the eyes of the Akashic Records as well as incorporating time tested Law of Attraction processes and meditations to fine tune your mindset and align with your soul purpose in your business and life

2 X 60 minutes Akashic Records reading to help recognize and clear any past life patterns and blocks that are holding you back from achieving the success you desire and deserve in life


“Such a treat to have a session with Neha”

I highly recommend an Akashic Records Session with Neha! She has such a calming energy that even if you are working through heavy issues it feels safe and nurturing. She is also an amazing guide that has the ability to access sacred information that can help you to move forward, Such a treat to have a session with her!

Spiritual Marketing Coach

Discover 3 Key Steps for bringing More Abundance into your life